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Production Engineer(Experience) Job


Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China

Employment Type:  Regular
Category:  Production / Operations
Posting Date:  Mar 8, 2023


1. To produce according to the Supply Chain’s production plan, and deliver PDS to the shift leader in time. 根据供应链生产计划进行生产,生产工艺单(PDS)及时下发至倒班班长;

2. According to company requirements, update the SOP and train relevant employees at least once a year; if any temporary SOP updating required, it’s a necessity to give the employees training , and the training data should be saved after employees’ signature. 根据公司要求,每年至少一次SOP更新并培训相关员工;对生产操作中出现SOP临时更新时,需及时对员工进行培训,相关培训资料员工签名后归档;

3. Focus on any possible problem in the production process, if the problem cannot be settled independently, it should be reported to direct leader then involve process engineer to solve together, to ensure the products’ RFT.  关注生产工艺中出现问题,自行无法解决时向直接领导汇报同时和工艺工程师商量解决方案,确保产品一次合格率达标;

4. Cooperate with Process Department to do a good job in ITF, and collect the testing data to the higher leader or process engineer in time. 配合工艺部做好ITF工作,并及时将现场试验操作数据汇总至上级领导或工艺工程师;

5. According to the development of the workshop production process, initiate MOC, discuss with process engineer and other related personnel, to write MOC documents and submit relevant department for the audit, project tracking and work closing. 根据车间生产工艺发展的需要,做MOC发起人,与工艺工程师及其他相关人员讨论,编写相关MOC书面资料提交相关部门审核、项目跟踪及完工后关闭工作;

6. Discuss the stock products, rework plan of unqualified product with Process Department and push effective rework production.和工艺部讨论库存品、不合格品返工方案并进行有效返工生产;

7. Participate in the discussion of the unqualified product and quality accident. And involve in the technical reform of the product参与不合格品和质量事故的评审, 参与产品的技术整改工作;

8. Train subordinates to improve their own ability to meet the requirements of the work and accomplish their goals 通过对员工技术培训,提高他们自身能力以满足工作的要求和完成他们的目标;

9. Make use of the evaluation system to effectively evaluate the performance of the subordinates to stimulate the team members. 利用现有考评系统,有效评价车间一线成员的技能水平,以达到激励团队;

Job Dimensions

  • Provide supervision and management for the production of high-quality products in a safe, efficient, economic and environmental friendly way. 在安全、高效、经济和环保的方式下保质保量完成生产目标。
  • Ensure good communication cross functions, follow PDCA cycle to achieve the company targets on HSEQ and operation. 和各相关部门相关职能保持良好沟通,在PDCA循环下,实现安全,环境,健康,质量运营等公司目标。
  • Provide production and process related training in good quality to employee 为员工提供良好的生产和工艺相关的培训。
  • With the assistance of company’s Process Department, make an improvement on production technology & operators’ skills to achieve the accomplishment of production plan. 在公司工艺部门的协助下,进行车间生产技术的改进,帮助操作工提高操作技能,满足生产计划的完成。
  • Other tasks assigned by department or company. 完成部门或公司临时安排的其他事项

Required Profile

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in polymer, chemical process, chemical engineering, chemical application, etc. 高分子材料/化工工艺/化学工程/应用化学专业等相关专业本科以上或相当

2. >5 years related experience with compounding processlean manufacturing experience is a plus.  >5年改性生产相关经验,有精益生产经验是加分项

3. Good knowledge of polymer science, chemical engineering, technical working ability, familiar with the knowledge of workshop production or related 较好高分子材料,化工专业知识,有一定的技术工作能力,熟悉车间生产相关知识

4. Good command of English, both written and spoken. 较好的英文能力(书写,阅读,口语是加分项)

5. Good MS office skill (word, excel, PPT) 较好的office word, excel, PPT技能

6. Able to work under stress to meet tight deadlines and handling multiple tasks. 抗压能力强,能合理规划时间,满足多重任务需求

7. Ability to discover and solve problems in production.能较好的发现并解决生产问题的能力

8. Good safety awareness and team work spirit较好的安全意识和团队合作精神

9. Good communication skill and initiative良好的沟通能力和工作主动性

10. Familiar with SAP system 熟悉SAP系统


Job Segment: Supply Chain, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Supply, Operations, Engineering