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Production Scheduler/Supply Chain Job


West Chester, PA, United States

Employment Type:  Regular
Category:  Supply Chain
Posting Date:  Sep 15, 2021

The Production Scheduler is responsible to maintain and direct the plant’s production schedule, and related processes with a goal to optimize each asset to minimize cost, improve margin and OAU.  The incumbent executes monthly plans and determines raw material requirements to ensure availability for the uninterrupted execution of the production schedule. Management of intermediate and finished goods inventories to meet both production schedules and customer order fulfillment is an essential component.  This position reports to the Supply &Operations Planning Manager and will be located in West Chester, PA. 


Optimizing manufacturing assets is a priority by deciding on which asset to schedule production in addition to the sequence of production wheel carefully managing the chemistry and limiting contamination.  Detailed focus on many factors and rules to follow based on production wheel and compatibility of chemistry. Function as the business knowledge expert that works with Corporate Direct Raw Materials to define delivery requirements to the Manufacturing sites. Sartomer US has over 200 raw materials that are purchased routinely at an annual cost of over $80M as well as 700+ manufactured finished goods with over $200M in annual sales, which must be closely monitored and adjusted on a routine basis.


Daily interactions include working closely with the Supply Chain Group, Sales and Marketing, Technical Group, Manufacturing Plants, Tolling, Finance Group, Corporate Purchasing Group, Logistics, and plant warehouse personnel to address key result areas, including demand management, goods movement, and raw material sourcing.


In collaboration with Corporate Purchasing, Sartomer Tolling Manager, and Product Sourcing Manager maintain target raw material inventory levels for locations, ensuring appropriate costs are maintained in all master data.  In addition, this position will be accountable for creation, maintenance and accuracy of all Bills of Materials for Sartomer, MRP data and advanced scheduling tool.


Key Activities include: 


Planning and Scheduling Optimization 

  • Schedules the monomer and oligomer production plan requirements in Advanced Scheduling to produce the finished goods to ensure customer service levels are met.
  • Participates in the weekly production planning meetings as the plant representative.
  • Determines the intermediate material requirements for planned/scheduled finished good production including manufactured and tolled. 
  • Determines the monthly packaging requirements and ensure availability.
  • Maintains and updates the current schedules in the Advanced Scheduling application so that the associated “viewer” is accurate and that this information can be easily retrieved by operations, the supply chain management team, and the customer service team.
  • Communicates plant or resource specific outages, planned and unplanned, in a timely manner to supply chain management team.  Manage production changes in line with service rules
  • Defines and executes appropriate production wheel sequencing to eliminate product contamination and/or increased costs in washing by working with plant engineers.
  • Daily decision making that impacts asset optimization, asset utilization and service to our customers.
  • Maintains all advanced scheduling master data; runs daily interfaces between SAP & Advanced Scheduling

Raw Material Availability

  • Implements the list of required raw materials and quantities to ensure the execution of production schedules into applicable supply chain applications including Advanced Scheduling.
  • Interacts with the procurement team to ensure that raw materials are purchased from the approved supplier in accordance with contractual and/or supply agreements at the agreed upon pricing.
  • Ensures that raw materials are ordered in accordance with established leads times and delivered on the required dates.
  • Times the delivery of raw materials to ensure production schedules are maintained.
  • Manages the delivery of bulk raw materials to maintain min/max bulk levels and availability to maintain production schedule integrity.
  • Manages the delivery of raw materials into the swing glycol and availability to maintain production schedule integrity.
  • Interacts with the Product Supply Manager to ensure base raw material requirements for tolling activities are made available to maintain production schedule integrity.
  • Enters purchase orders for raw materials, packaging and other miscellaneous goods in the ERP>
  • Confirms raw material, packaging, and miscellaneous good order requirements with the supplier, including determining and confirming the delivery date.
  • Interacts and coordinates with operations personnel, the scheduling of inbound raw material deliveries.
  • Develops and communicates the plan for staging of raw materials to maintain production schedule integrity.
  • Maintains and makes visible to operations and the supply chain management team the inbound raw material schedule in Advanced Scheduling.
  • Maintains all master data related to MRP fields in SAP.


  • Participates in quarterly counts to ensure inventory level accuracy is in accordance with established targets and take corrective action when necessary.
  • Participate and co-manage the annual physical inventory including the reconciliation.
  • Ensures the accuracy for raw material consumption in production orders through interaction with operations personnel.
  • Manages the bar coding process for raw materials to ensure inventory accuracy.
  • Manages the processes for reporting the distressed inventory levels and specific events to the supply chain management team
  • Interacts with operations and assists in coordinating the timely and effective disposition of distressed inventory
  • Interacts with operations and supply chain management teams to ensure aging inventory is dispositioned in accordance with applicable instructions and in a timely and effective manner, including write-offs.



  • Meet agreed upon customer ship dates.
  • Interacts with receiving/shipping personnel and coordinates inbound bulk and non-bulk deliveries and shipments to ensure loadings in accordance with operations requirements and guidelines while still meeting customer service levels.  
  • Manages stock transport orders between plant locations as needed to support production schedules.
  • Enters any supplier non-conformance issues into the Corrective Action System for non-conforming raw materials and packaging events
  • Works with operations management on “scaling” production batches to meet the current demand for the material.


Context and Environment:

  •  Incumbent splits time between Exton corporate offices and West Chester manufacturing facility
  • Supports the site HES policy and complies with all regulatory and internal requirements
  • Participates in HES activities provided by site management and Arkema Inc(e.g., Behavioral Base Safety, SafeStart, etc.)
  • Supports and promotes the reporting of all health, safety, environmental, near-miss, accident or injury incidents


Required Education/Qualifications/Work Experience:

  • Bachelors’ degree in a supply chain related area or equivalent experience.
  • 2-5  years minimum experience in production operations, production planning and scheduling processes and activities preferably in a processed based industry, or educational equivalent
  • APICS CPIM certification a plus
  • Basic understanding of overall ERP functionality; Comfortable in using production scheduling and reporting functionality in an ERP.
  • Proficiency in basic Microsoft Office type applications.
  • Previous experience and proficiency in advanced supply chain applications including advanced scheduling, business intelligence, warehouse management systems a plus.


Demonstrated Competencies: 

  • Ability to comfortably interact with multiple departments and management levels simultaneously.
  • Strong problem solving skills and decision making abilities, with the ability to determine appropriate priorities and work in a dynamic, multi-task environment.
  • Strong organizational, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Understanding of production reporting.
  • Understanding of inventory management processes and techniques.
  • Understanding of logistics processes and techniques.
  • Inquisitive self-starter, unafraid to ask question at all levels to understand and improve scheduling processes


Job Segment: Supply Chain, Supply, Industrial, ERP, Law, Operations, Manufacturing, Technology, Legal