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PHD-Macromolecular Engineering of Electroactive Polymers Job


Pierre-Bénite, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Employment Type:  Temporary/Fixed-Term
Category:  Research & Development
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Reaching far beyond your discoveries!

Regarded as one of the world’s leading innovators, Arkema has made research one of the pillars of its strategy. For example by discovering new solutions to help reduce the weight of materials, hence cut down consumption. By developing innovative thermal insulation systems that can optimize the energy performance of buildings. Or by seeking new applications for its biosourced products at the service of greater sustainable development.

Innovative and durable solutions

Our high performance products have applications in wide-ranging areas, from new generation car batteries or telephones to recyclable wind turbine blades, from adhesives for the protective backsheets of solar panels to drinking water filtration systems, from running shoes and acrylic resins with no solvent and no volatile organic compound for 3D printing to molecular sieves for portable oxygen devices used by people suffering from respiratory failure.


Mission Details

In the framework of the industrial chair SMILE “Smart Polymer Ferrotronic Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Energy Conversion” in collaboration with ARKEMA, ISORG, SURYS and VALEO companies, you are sought to work on an interdisciplinary project targeting the development of applicative demonstrators (energy transducers, flexible sensors, electromechanical actuators) based on the formulation, processing via printing methodologies and optimization of Electroactive Fluorinated Polymers (EFP). Indeed, as multifunctional electroactive materials, EFP are unique thanks to their exceptionally efficient conversion from mechanical, sound, or thermal energy into electrical power (and vice-versa). In addition to high output performance, another outstanding feature of EFP is their ability to be integrated via printing methods for flexible and stretchable electronics, broadening the range of applications such as in wearable electronics or bendable displays. Nevertheless, their application in flexible, highly mobile and compact devices still needs to be leveraged both in terms of performance optimization and integration capability.


Required Profile

You will more particularly study industrially scalable synthetic routes for the production of EFP in order to control the various monomer incorporation rates. Experimental polymerization kinetics will be associated with modeling to precisely manipulate the EFP sequence leading to molecularly-precise polymer architectures. As such sequence regulation enables a more effective control of structure-property relationships in EFPs, structural and dielectric characterizations will thus establish the macromolecular design rules leading to optimized EFP properties for the targeted applications. You will highly benefit from the PIEZOTECH-ARKEMA facility at Pierre-Bénite dedicated to the synthesis of EFP at both pilot and industrial scale.


Location: LCPO, Bordeaux, France / ARKEMA, Pierre-Bénite, France

Duration: 36 months


Joining Arkema means being part of a Group enjoying sustained growth that in little more than a decade has built up an exemplary achievement record, setting high ambitions for itself and for its employees.

All our job opportunities are open to people with disabilities at equal merit or with equal skill levels.

Job Segment: Engineer, Thermal Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical Engineer, Electrical, Engineering, Science