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IE Engineer Job


Changshu, Jiangsu, China

Employment Type:  Regular
Category:  261210
Posting Date:  Jun 8, 2022

Job Description

  • 能够带领维修工严格遵守公司的各项规章制度、不断提高维修人员的安全意识。Lead maintenance workers to follow up Arkema procedures and regulations, and continuous improve workers’ safety consciousness.
  • 带领维修人员学习项目现场的安全管理要求并严格执行, 确保维修人员现场工作的安全. Lead to study safety rules, ensure on site workers in safe.
  • 严格遵守承包商管理程序,及时检查承包商的工作,把承包商工作做好。Strictly follow up contractor procedure, check construction site safety on time.
  • 负责维修团队及承包商的管理 ,帮助各领班解决疑难问题,合理分配维修力量提高工作效率。Take responsibility of workers and contractor management, support to resolve their problems to improve working efficiency.
  • 带领维修人员定期对设备频发的故障进行分析,及时更新维修程序,并有相关记录及报告。Lead workers to do RCA, update maintenance procedure, make record and report accordingly.
  • 带领维修人员做好现场管理工作,定期对现场进行巡检,保持现场设备的完好。Lead workers to keep all site equipment in good condition.
  • 负责对系统的工单管理,将已完成工单及时关闭,并将相关外协工作及进验收。In charge of work order management, close finished work orders in time. Check and give acceptance for outsourcing service work.
  • 负责相关单元的PMWOMOC的管理工作,并定期与生产汇报。Responsible relative PM, WO, MOC management and provide report periodically.
  • 负责相关单元的停车检修计划的制定,备件的准备、检修的实施和验收。Provide related unit overhaul plan, be responsible spare part preparation, implementation and acceptance.
  • 将所有新的维修程序及变更及时告知维修工指导下属完成他们的目标和工作要求 Keep subordinators refresh in maintenance procedures and guide them to finish their goals.

Required Profile


  • 大学本科,主修化工机械,机械工程或相当。Bachelor degree and majored in chemical machine or mechanical engineering or equivalent.

2. Skills技能:

  • 能够领导维修工处理好各项维修工作,及对下属提供有效的维修帮助。 Take lead of maintenance workers to deal with daily work and give them proper supports.
  • 能善于发现并解决维修故障。 Be able to monitor and troubleshoot production.
  • 具备可靠性(RCM)的专业知识。Own good knowledge of RCM
  • 良好的英文读写能力Good written and oral English.


  • 至少8年相关连续维修工作经验,而且至少2年成功的在一个装置有维修管理或相关领导经验Minimum of eight years' operating experience in the continuous production plant with at least 2 years of successful supervisory or relevant leadership experience in one production line.

4. Abilities能力:

  • 非常突出的沟通能力和不同工厂环境下的适应能力 excellent communication skill and adaptability in different plants
  • 较强的学习能力Strong learning ability
  • 良好的安全意识和团队合作精神。Good safety consciousness and team work.

Job Segment: Machinist, Mechanical Engineer, Construction, Industrial, Engineer, Manufacturing, Engineering